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 Samsung SelfieType - Virtually "there" but not there!

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A good example of how innovative thinking can produce something from thin air! Samsung’s "SelfieType" will use artificial intelligence combined with the mobile’s camera for image recognition, and we can use it on any flat surface, such as a table, the plane’s seat tray or the kitchen countertop, among many other options.  Not for "hunt and peck" typists like me, but for touch typists only me thinks.  As long as they can become 'touch-less' typists. This is a great example of how the combinations of ingredients in a smartphone can be used in new ways to virtually do new things. That's what caught my eye. 

As the name implies, this is a technology that uses your phone's selfie camera to essentially act as an invisible keyboard by analyzing your finger movements.
Using the front (selfie) camera of the device and artificial intelligence, it analyzes the finger movements and converts them into QWERTY keyboard inputs.
Currently, Samsung SelfieType is in the development and testing phase in the company’s C-Lab. As clever and technologically elegant as it seems, even if it works, it probably doesn’t completely replace the need for a physical keyboard or even a touchscreen keyboard. But it sure will get people's attention when they see you doing it!

But virtual keyboards of the projecting type, with visible virtual keyboard in front of you have been around for a long time (15+ years) and never really caught on, but in that case it did mean carrying along with you an extra bit of hardware. “SelfieType” is part of the Korean manufacturer’s C-Lab start-up incubation project and promises possibly to eliminate the typing surface of physical keyboards to be used with our smartphones, tablets, and other future devices. So we will have to wait until this finds its way out of the Labs in a year or two to know. One thing going for it is it's just an app. No hardware to buy or distribute/deliver.

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