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Vuzix AR expands into more Industrial Sectors and makes a splash into Consumer Markets as well!

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Firstly, their Smart Swim product is an addition to swimming goggles which now hits the consumer market with proper functional Augmented Reality benefits. Basically, Smart Swim is a heads-up display for swimmers that provides in-depth workout status and information in real-time, as well as the capability to stream video content during swimming workouts providing performance info, inspiration and entertainment for athletes during training.

The creation of newly formed Vuzix Labs division, Smart Swim takes swimming workouts to the next level in terms of interval training capabilities.  Smart Swim not only provides swimming workout status, including elapsed time, yardage and laps and a coach to swimmer connection, but it also allows the swimmer to download and preview workouts, record their workouts and even stream video from the Smart Swim video player, all while in the pool or open waters. The Smart Swim easily fits over virtually any swim goggles, so the swimmer can stay with their existing favorite pair. Smart Swim includes an Android computer, a vibrant full color display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, head tracker, GPS, compass, internal battery, USB and much more. 

Continuing their commitment to providing smart glasses solutions to the industrial industries, Vuzix also introduced their M4000 AR display which builds on their existing M400 tried and tested ergonomic design but adds to it their new larger field of view, see-through Waveguide optics. The new display plus a Snapdragon XR1 processor provides smoother operations and higher functionality. Nice to see AR headsets providing value and moving so successfully into a such broad range of applications and sectors which was clearly demonstrated at CES2020 by numerous Vuzix partners who were also demonstrating their solutions both at the Vuzix booth and at their own exhibit stands. See listing of companies and applications they were showing HERE

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